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In most car accident claims, the person found to be at fault in the accident, or their insurance company, will ultimately pay the victim’s medical bills. Unfortunately, they won’t be required to pay unless the negligent driver is found legally liable.

Contact an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney, like Henness & Haight, soon after your accident. They can help you negotiate your medical expenses and fight to get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies.

Who Has Financial Responsibility Following an Accident?

Initially, the person receiving the medical treatment will be responsible for their medical bills, even if they are an accident victim. Still, seeking immediate medical treatment can tremendously impact your recovery and your case.

Seeking medical treatment shows that your injuries are significant and helps your overall claim. Don’t hesitate to get help after an accident, even if you’re unsure where the money will come from. Eventually, the person who caused the accident should ultimately be held financially responsible.

However, determining the cause of the accident and who was liable is often the heart of a personal injury claim. If the victim is found to be partially responsible, that will affect the compensation they are entitled to.

Defining responsibility gets even more difficult in rideshare cases, like crashes involving Lyft or Uber drivers. And, unfortunately for car accident victims, rideshare accidents in Las Vegas are on the rise.

Car accident injury cases can take months and sometimes years. In the meantime, an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney, like Henness & Haight, can negotiate with medical providers and insurance companies. Sometimes they will agree to postpone payment until the claim is settled or accept a lower fee.

How Do I Make Sure They Pay?

The best way to ensure you receive total compensation from the responsible party is to hire an experienced attorney to be your advocate. An attorney represents you while fighting for your payment. They can also help you determine the total dollar amount you should seek in your claim.

Along with the reimbursement of your medical expenses, your attorney can help you identify other forms of compensation you could be entitled to. They can help you file a winnable case that asks for everything you deserve.

Experienced car accident lawyers know all the ways insurance companies will try to avoid paying victims what they deserve. They also know all the legal precedents to sight to counter their attempts.

Insurance companies will try to get you to settle for a much smaller payout than you deserve. Don’t settle your Las Vegas car accident case without a fight. Contact Henness and Haight to fight for your rights to compensation. We’ve seen it all before.

What Medical Costs Could be Covered?

The medical bills stemming from a car accident can be a substantial financial burden. They can go far beyond the initial treatment cost and balloon into lifelong expenses.

Make sure you work with an attorney who knows how to get compensation for all the expenses the accident caused you. That includes the initial medical bills and much more, including the following and more:

  • Future Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Chronic Pain or Dispair
  • Emotional Distress
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss in Quality of Life
  • Wrongful Death

Insurance companies likely won’t include these other types of damages in their initial settlement offer, but an experienced attorney will demand they pay for any damages and compensation you’re entitled to.

How Do I Cover My Medical Care Right Now?

Usually, the victim’s health or auto insurance will cover some of the initial cost of treatment. Then, they receive a portion of the final payout of the case if they are entitled to reimbursement.

You should still seek medical treatment if you don’t have health insurance. You may have options to cover the initial cost through your car insurance, a protection offered by Nevada law. Your attorney may also be able to negotiate alternative payment options while your case is pending.

This example shows how medical expenses and compensation often work in car accident cases.

A driver causes a car accident that injures you. You receive various medical treatments, including an ambulance ride to the hospital, an MRI, and ongoing physical therapy. You file a claim with your health insurance company, and they agree to cover everything except the MRI. Your attorney negotiates an agreement with the hospital to postpone the MRI charge until the case concludes.

While you recover, your attorney prepared your claim seeking total compensation for your medical expenses. Your attorneys and the other driver’s insurance company reach a settlement on payment for your medical bills and all other damages you’re entitled to.

Your attorneys then work with your insurance company and physical therapist to accept their payment at a vastly discounted rate. Your attorney recoups their expenses and fees.

The remainder of the settlement money is yours to keep.

You likely wouldn’t even be fully compensated for your ongoing medical expenses without working with an attorney, let alone take home some cash on the back end.

Get help from Henness & Haight to get the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to.

Henness & Haight Holds Insurance Companies Accountable

Let the Las Vegas car accident law firm Henness & Haight handle your personal injury case. Our car accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Come be one of them.

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