It is our goal to ensure our client’s absolute satisfaction in the outcome of their case.

For more than two decades, the personal injury lawyers at Henness & Haight have been providing trusted legal services to those who have been injured or lost a loved one due to another’s negligence in Las Vegas and greater Nevada. With a proven record of success, we have settled thousands of cases and recovered hundreds of millions on behalf of our clients and helped them get the compensation they needed to put their lives back together.

The successful verdicts and settlements listed below demonstrate the level of commitment and dedication we bring to every case we represent.

$17,850,000 Settlement

Serious Spinal Cord Injury Settlement

$13,850,000 Settlement

Defective Product – Catastrophic Injury

$6,850,000 Settlement

Collision with a National Delivery Freight Company - Brain Injury and Back Injury

$6,600,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Accident Resulting in Death

$5,500,000 Settlement

Commercial Truck Collision: $5,500,000 Settlement – Arm and Neck injury

$4,025,000 Settlement

Wrongful Death - Pedestrian Struck by Car

$3,510,000 Verdict

Defective Product - Catastrophic Hand Injury

$3,000,000 Settlement

Defective Product - Crush Injury Caused by Malfunctioning Industrial Equipment

$3,000,000 Settlement

Delivery Truck Collision – Neck/Back/Knee Surgery

$2,200,000 Settlement

T-Bone Collision with Injuries Requiring Back Fusion

$2,200,000 Settlement

Premises Liability Accident - Back Surgery

$1,800,000 Settlement

Drunk Driving Accident Wrongful Death

$1,775,000 Settlement

Slip & Fall - Shopping Mall - Back and Knee Surgery

$1,715,000 Settlement

Sexual Abuse by Daycare Employee

$1,265,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Struck by Car

$1,250,000 Settlement

Truck v. Car Collision - Utility Company - Multiple Level Spine Fusion Surgery

$1,100,000 Settlement

Rear-End Collision with Work Truck - Client Required Lower Back Surgery

$1,075,000 Settlement

Negligent Shooting Death

$1,046,000 Settlement

Rear End Car Collision - Back Surgery

$1,015,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Struck by Delivery Driver and Later Died from Injuries

$1,000,000 Settlement

Defective Equipment at a Construction Site

$980,000 Settlement

Defective Car/Axel Assembly Causing a Rollover - Lumbar Surgery

$890,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Struck by Commercial Van in Parking Lot - Back Surgery

$875,000 Settlement

Taxi Cab Collision - Rear End Crash - Disk Replacement Surgery

$840,000 Verdict

Collision with a Commercial Tractor Trailer – Back Surgery

$825,200 Settlement

Slip & Fall in a Hotel/Casino - Knee and Back Surgery

$750,000 Settlement

Trip & Fall - Gas Station - Multiple Knee Surgeries

$700,000 Settlement

Slip & Fall at a Major Retailer - Cervical Fusion

$700,000 Settlement

Concrete Wall Fell - Brain Injury

$700,000 Settlement

Defective Exercise Equipment - Shoulder Surgery

$630,000 Settlement

Burn Injuries at a Construction Site - Multiple Skin Grafts and Permanent Injuries

$600,000 Settlement

Rear End Collision – Back Surgery

$570,000 Verdict

Disabled scooter operator on sidewalk hit by vehicle exiting a negligently designed underground parking garage

$564,000 Verdict

Disputed Liability - Back Surgery

$500,000 Settlement

Trip & Fall - Hidden Danger in Parking Lot - Total Knee Replacement Surgery

$500,000 Settlement

Slip & Fall in a Hotel/Casino - Disk Replacement Surgery

$500,000 Settlement

Parking Lot Collision - Spinal Cord Stimulator and Knee Surgery

$500,000 Settlement

Head-on collision caused by a freight company due to improperly secured load

$475,000 Settlement

Rear End Collision - Shoulder Surgery

$466,000 Settlement

Boating Accident - Lumbar Fractures

$450,000 Settlement

Car Wreck - National Freight Company - Spinal Cord Stimulator

$425,000 Settlement

Animal Attack/Dog Bite

$405,078 Settlement

Plumber Struck Head and Fell on Metal Stairs – Head, Neck, Shoulder and Hip Injury and Stroke Leading to Permanent Damage

$405,000 Settlement

Trip and Fall - Fractured Femur

$375,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice - Improper Hardware (wrong size rods were used in a leg surgery)

$325,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Struck by Auto - Pain Management

$300,000 Settlement

Slip & Fall at Office Complex - Surgery

$300,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose

$300,000 Settlement

Homeowner's Insurance – Failure to Properly Secure Firearm

$283,000 Settlement

Improper Maintenance Caused a Boat Explosion - Spinal Injury

$250,000 Settlement

Display Chair Collapse - Shoulder Surgery

$223,118 Settlement

Additional Third-Party Settlement: $700,000 Laborer Stuck by Falling Wall – Skull Fracture Requiring Plastic Surgery

$150,870 Settlement

Nurse Injured Pulling Empty Stretcher – Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion Surgery

$146,735 Settlement

Laborer was in Portable Restroom When It Was Lifted and Moved – Lumbar Fusion

$142,249 Settlement

Additional First and Third-Party Settlement Total: $115,000 – Garbage Truck Accident – Back Surgery

$123,381 Settlement

Additional Third-Party Settlement: $385,000 Forklift Malfunction – Amputation Below the Knee

$99,000 Settlement

Insurance Bad Faith