My Car Is Totaled. What Do I Do Now?

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Aug 06, 2015 in Car Accident News

Americans have a very special relationship with their cars. We have a car culture where we truly love our vehicles. We think of them as trusted friends and companions.

They don't just get us where we need to go; they are a part of us, and a part of our everyday routine. When your car is damaged beyond repair or can't be driven, it can be devastating, especially if you are injured in the accident that takes your car from you. Many people wonder what they should do next.

Look at Your Situation

When you're in an auto accident and your car is seriously damaged, the first place to turn is your insurance company. If you carry collision coverage, you can go through either your insurance or the at-fault driver's insurance (if they have accepted fault) for repairs. While your car is out of commission, you may be placed in a rental vehicle by your insurance company, if you carry the coverage. If they at-fault party's insurance company is handling your vehicle repairs, that company will monitor your rental car. Your rental company may try to sell you additional insurance coverage on the rental car. It's important to understand that you may not be reimbursed for that additional coverage.

When Your Car Is Totaled

When your car is totaled, this means the repairs will cost more than the vehicle's estimated value. This can be a heartbreaking thing to hear. You might be able to get a new car, but you love your car and you want it back. Nobody wants to hear that's not possible. It's important to get everything you are owed. Make sure that you gather all the information you can regarding any recent repairs you've made, from new brakes to a new transmission. All of these can be used to increase your car's value during negotiations.

Work with Your Attorneys

It's vital if you've been in an accident and injured to work closely with a team of dedicated car accident attorneys. We can assist you through the process in resolving your vehicle's damages. If you have been in an accident and been told that your car is totaled, reach out to us for help.