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One of the first things people want to determine when talking to Las Vegas accident attorneys is how much their case is worth. This request may seem straightforward, but a car accident settlement estimate requires the consideration of many factors. Almost all of those factors will vary from case to case. So, your car accident claim payout will depend significantly on the specifics of your case.

According to information gathered by the auto Insurance Research Council, the average car accident settlement value for cases involving property damage only was $3,221. The average settlement of a car accident claim involving injuries was $15,443. Because these numbers are averages, they don’t actually tell you anything about what your case is worth. Each case has too many specifics to consider.

Contact a Las Vegas accident attorney for a more accurate car accident settlement estimate. Henness & Haight have experience helping car accident victims get full and fair settlements, equal to the true pain and suffering the accident caused. Case evaluations are always free and carry no obligations.

What Factors May Affect Your Settlement Amount
Many factors will affect the total settlement amount you could receive in a car accident personal injury claim. The severity of injuries, the liable party’s assets, ongoing pain and suffering, and insurance company policy limits could all play a role in your case’s total payout.

For example, say one accident caused by a driver’s negligence results in a broken arm. Then, another driver in a different accident causes serious injuries that require ongoing treatment from medical experts. The victim with the long-term medical expenses will likely have a larger settlement claim.

That is just one simple scenario. Car accident cases can get complicated; the more people involved, the more complex they become. Another aspect adding to the confusion in recent cases is the rise in rideshare accidents.

Every driver involved in your case will add another layer of facts to untangle. This usually adds to the total time your case will take to settle.

What Costs Your Case May Cover
Talking with an attorney is better than any Las Vegas car accident calculator. A Las Vegas accident attorney can help you add up all the costs associated with your particular accident so you can seek compensation for all of them. In legal terms, the different types of payments you can ask for in your car accident claim are called damages.

The different types of damages include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Vehicle Repairs or Replacement
  • Past Medical Bills
  • Future Medical Bills
  • Past Lost Wages
  • Future Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Punitive Damages

Some of these costs, like the medical bills, are pretty clear. These are called economic damages or special damages. Other damages, like pain and suffering, encompass more abstract costs. These are called non-economic damages or general damages.

Putting a dollar value on pain and suffering and other non-economic damages can be difficult. Not only can it feel calloused to assign a monetary value to a human loss, but “non-economic damages” can mean many things. Any of the following could qualify as non-economic damages:

  • Chronic Pain or Dispair
  • Emotional Distress
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss in Quality of Life
  • Wrongful Death

After an honest discussion with your attorneys, they can consider all the factors in your case and help identify the maximum total compensation to seek in your claim.

What Will Your Total Compensation Be After Fees?
In most cases, you won’t have to pay upfront for the legal services, but the law firm will recoup expenses and payment out of the settlement payment if you win.

The expenses will be any money the firm spent on your case. That often means payments to expert witnesses. The attorney fees can range from about 25 to 50 percent of the total settlement. It will be based on the specific services the law firm performs for you. Cases that settle usually have lower fees than those that go to trial.

Most quality accident attorneys will offer a no-win, no-fee option. If you lose, the law firm eats those costs. This type of setup is called “no win, no fee.” For example, Las Vegas car accident attorneys, Henness & Haight, provide all their legal services under the no win, no free model.

How Long Will It Take To Reach a Settlement?
The timeline for settlements varies greatly. The more highly disputed the facts in the case are, the longer it usually takes. The amount of the claim can also play a role. Some settlements can be done in a few weeks, while others can take months and, in extreme cases, years.

How You Can Improve Your Odds Of Reaching Full and Fair Compensation
You’ll be more likely to get the highest compensation you deserve when you hire a Las Vegas car accident attorney as soon as possible following your accident. The insurance company’s lawyers will immediately investigate the details of your accident claim. You deserve legal representation that fights fiercely to get you what you deserve. A car accident attorney can ensure your claim process runs smoothly and results in the best outcome.

At Henness & Haight, our Vegas car accident attorneys will investigate and gather all the evidence to build a robust case on your behalf. They’ll interview witnesses, analyze medical records, review police reports, and comb through insurance investigation notes to construct a timeline of the accident. Then they’ll consult an accident reconstructionist to recreate your car crash. Next, our law office can review your personal injury case details, determine who should be held liable for your car accident, and build a strong case seeking maximum compensation for you.

Our car accident lawyers will negotiate with insurance companies to reach the best settlement or represent you in any other legal proceedings related to your case. No matter the cause of your car accident, our Las Vegas car accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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