Driving with Animals on the Road

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Sep 08, 2015 in Car Accident News

You are minding your own business, driving responsibly on a dark rural road, when suddenly there is the screech of tires, the glare of headlights and your car is struck by another which is swerving to avoid a deer. What do you do? Is the person who hit you liable for the injury? It's important to understand the facts and talk to a qualified Las Vegas personal injury attorney to ensure your recovery from a car accident like this is properly covered and compensated.

By the Numbers

Animal-related car accidents cause ten thousand injuries every year, as well as 150 fatalities and damages to property in excess of $2,500. We can't keep deer and other large animals from wandering onto the roads, no matter what the latest gadget claims. Every driver is responsible for maintaining control of their vehicle and even if an animal was in the way, if the driver was negligent and did not exercise a reasonable duty of care, they are liable for damages.

Reasonable Care

Every driver has a responsibility to keep their car under control, and to exercise reasonable care in that vehicle's operation. This means that if the driver was not alert and vigilant, if they did not operate their vehicle at a speed which would allow them to stop in sudden situations, if they didn't have their headlights on or the like, they could be held liable. In fact, even if they were swerving to miss the animal, the act of swerving could hold them liable for your injury.

What to Do

When you are struck by a swerving driver and you need help battling an insurance company, a qualified Nevada personal injury lawyer is your best bet for getting compensation. You need to focus on your recovery; fighting with the person who hit you or with your insurance company is extra stress that you don't need.

A qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to do battle with the pushy insurance companies, and can make sure other parties are held liable for their irresponsible actions. They know the law and have experience dealing in these sorts of accidents. The attorney will fight for your rights with honor and integrity. They will remain in your corner until you are back on your feet.

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