At Henness & Haight, the best compliment a business can receive is a referral from a client.

We place our clients’ needs above all else and work tirelessly to ensure their absolute satisfaction with the outcome of their case, as well as their experience working with our accomplished attorneys and knowledgeable support staff.

Some of the recent testimonials we have received from our clients, included below, are a tribute to the high level of dedication, professionalism and personal attention we strive to provide to each and every client we represent.

In an effort to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality legal counsel, we are always requesting feedback on our performance.

I was at a red stop light and, boom, I got hit by a drunk driver. I had some neck pain, arm pain, as well as my back. I felt I needed some type of justice. A friend told me to call Henness & Haight. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They took care of my needs in a very, very scary moment in my life. And I’m glad that I made that call.

Jimmie W.

We were just sitting there looking at the scenery around, and bang I got rear-ended. I had some problems with my neck and my back, but I was very, very lucky to know Mike and his assistant. They’re very good. He’s honest and caring and he’ll do the right thing. Don’t hesitate calling right away.

Nancy W.

I was walking across the street, I had got hit by a truck. I had a lot of pain in my side, in the front of my chest. I didn’t know what I was going to do when the bills came in, and how I’m going to take care of my children. My doctor recommended me to call Henness & Haight. They helped me make sure all my medical bills was paid. Made me feel really good that I had somebody with me that cared about me.

Julia T.

One day you’re doing everything normal and then you can’t even move. I got rear-ended and I got a lot of pain in my back, so I couldn’t even move for a couple of days. You don’t know if you’re going to be able to work and take care of your family. My doctor recommended I call Henness & Haight. From the beginning all the way to the end, they were on top of everything. I would recommend Henness & Haight to anybody.

Oscar S.

I was driving and a gentleman in a van, we ended up colliding, and I was hurt really bad. I had to have major back surgery. My doctors referred me to Henness & Haight. They walked me through each step, from the beginning to the end. Henness & Haight is the best decision that I could have made.

Valerie W.

We were driving with our kids and an 18-year-old driver cut in front of us and we ended up t-boning him. Both cars were totaled. Sandy: I had to have surgery on my knee. Scott: I had three herniated discs in my back. A friend recommended Henness & Haight. They told us what was going on and what to expect. Words can’t say how grateful we are to Henness & Haight for all that they have done for us.

Sandy and Scott Z.

I was waiting to make a right turn at a light and I got rear-ended, and I suffered injuries all over my body. You go through a lot of stuff: you suffer depression, just waking up with pain every day. Henness & Haight kind of became a close family friend to me. They were able to be there for you, and if someone I know needed help, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to pick up the phone and call Henness & Haight. They’re going to make sure that you get the that care you need.

Juston W.

I was t-boned in a parking lot and wound up having a total of five shoulder surgeries. It was very difficult to go through it; there’s a lot of recovery time and a lot of pain. I found Henness & Haight for help. I always knew that I could count on them to keep me informed and always advise me on my next step and know that it was the ethical and best way to go.

Theresa W.