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Posted by: Henness & Haight

Many injured workers who file legitimate claims for workers’ compensation will be denied despite their honesty and right to compensation.

Having an experienced attorney by your side from when you first file a claim can help ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve. The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Henness & Haight will actively pursue your claim, and assist you with any appeals, to ensure you are granted the maximum settlement you deserve.

Some of the most common reasons insurance companies deny workers compensation claims include:

The claimant’s injury was not witnessed: If no one observed your worksite accident, your claim may be denied. In the event that there were no witnesses, it is important to inform your supervisor of the accident immediately. Give the same precise details to anyone you discuss the event with.

  • The accident report and preliminary medical reports disagree: Claims are often denied if statements by the claimant are inconsistent. Make sure your story is accurate and consistent when documenting the accident.
  • Drug tests find illegal substance use: Insurance companies usually deny claims where illegal drugs were found in the individual’s system.
  • The claim was made after the worker’s firing or layoff: Even if the claim is legitimate, it may appear as retaliation against the employer if an accident report was filed after an employee was terminated.
  • Medical authorizations and recorded statements were not granted: If an employee refuses to grant an insurance company access to its medical records or the accident report, then the claim may be denied. You are not legally required to provide an insurance company any documentation. If you are being pressured to do so, it may be in your best interest to have an attorney handle any future interactions with the insurance company.