Dog bites can be extremely dangerous and cause the victim to suffer severe injuries, as well as pose a threat to the local community.

If you have suffered from a serious dog bite, there are certain laws enacted by Nevada and its cities that might clarify who is responsible. For further information on the subject, you should consult with an experienced Las Vegas dog bite lawyer.

Nevada Dog Bite Laws

There are no established laws in Nevada that clearly state when a dog owner is responsible for a dog bite. This lack of clarification often leaves dog bite liability to be determined by common law.

Many cases of dog bite responsibility are decided by the dog’s previous record of aggression. If a dog has bitten someone before, the owner is typically held liable for any further incidents. This is because if a dog has previously bitten a person, the owner is expected to assume the dog has the potential to behave aggressively or violently toward others.

Liability in dog bite cases is usually determined by this factor. If a dog has a history of aggression, and the owner chooses to ignore it or neglects to take precautionary measures that would prevent any further attacks, he or she can be held liable for a dog bite.

Nevada also follows the rule of comparative liability when determining negligence. This means that a court must find you less than 51 percent responsible for your injuries.

If a court finds your actions were more than 51 percent liable for causing the dog to attack, you are not able to pursue damages or legal action.

Victims of dog bites must file their claim within Nevada’s two-year statute of limitations. The deadline begins on the day in which the dog attacked you. If you miss