Shaun K. Muaina is a senior associate attorney at Henness & Haight.

Shaun grew up in Henderson, Nevada where he played on his high school’s volleyball team. Shaun enjoyed a successful four years with his team and quickly built up a reputation in the local community for his impressive athleticism. In response to his high-jumping abilities at the net, a local newspaper nicknamed him the “Flyin’ Hawaiian.” The nickname stuck, and since then, it seems that Shaun has always gone above and beyond in pursuing his ambitions.

Following graduation, Shaun attended Brigham Young University, where he was offered a scholarship to continue his volleyball career with the school’s team. In 2003, during his freshman year, Shaun’s team was a runner-up in the national championship. Impressively, throughout his time at BYU, his team was consistently ranked within the top five teams in their conference, Mountain West. At one point during Shaun’s collegiate volleyball career, his team was ranked #1 in the nation.

Shaun himself was awarded the designation of a Mountain West Scholar-Athlete, one of the highest academic honors awarded to athletes in his team’s conference. The prestigious award is given to student-athletes who maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA and who have competed in varsity competition in the Mountain West Conference.

Shaun’s successes as both an individual player and a member of his team during his high school and college years taught him the importance of hard work and dedication in pursuing his goals.

Aside from his athletic pursuits, as a student at BYU, Shaun initially began on the pre-medical track.

“I’ve always wanted to work with and help people,” Shaun explained. “That’s why I was originally pursuing the medical route.”

However, in the face of science classes like organic chemistry, Shaun soon realized that the medical field was not where his interests truly resided. While Shaun was studying at BYU, his brother was attending law school. Knowing his younger brother’s second thoughts about his career plans, Shaun’s brother persuaded him to consider the legal field.

“Becoming an attorney was never something that I’d considered growing up, but after talking to my brother I started taking some practice LSATs and found that I was doing really well,” Shaun recounted. “And I was always a good writer.”

Along with his brother’s encouragement, Shaun’s interests in writing, communication, and pub