Being involved in a car accident can be an unnerving experience at best, and a totally life-changing one at worst. For those who have been in a car accident, the claims process is often dreaded – no one looks forward to a back-and-forth with an insurance adjuster. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: a settlement offer. Before you start the claims process, though, you likely have questions about car accident settlement amounts averages in Nevada.

What’s the Average Settlement Amount?

The first thing that many prospective clients ask us is what the average settlement amount in Nevada is. While we’d love to throw out a number that is both accurate and applicable to a person’s unique situation and case, it doesn’t always work like this. Instead, rather than providing a client with an overall average, we prefer to look at each claim on a case-by-case basis, and then provide a client with an informed, educated opinion about how much they may be able to recover. This is because there are numerous factors that influence a settlement amount and because each case is unique.

What Factors Influence a Settlement Amount?

Because of the numerous factors that can influence the outcome of a settlement, it is impossible to say how much a case is worth without doing at least a cursory investigation and assessment, if not a much more thorough one. Even then, there are things that can happen throughout the process that could impact the settlement. That being said, here are some common factors that influence the value of a claim and how much a claimant may be offered by an insurance company:

  • Value of economic damages. One of the things that will have the largest impact on a settlement is the value of econom