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uninsured motorist accidentAlthough Nevada motorists are required to carry auto insurance, many drivers only carry the minimum amount or none at all. The difficulties that come with dealing with insurance companies after an underinsured or underinsured accident only compounds the pain and suffering you are already experiencing.

We know that dealing with insurance companies is the last thing you want to do after an accident. At Henness & Haight, we are here to handle these complex insurance issues so that you can focus on your recovery.

Backed by a successful track record, our Las Vegas uninsured motorist lawyers can help you recover fair compensation even if the at-fault driver did not have insurance. Schedule a free consultation and review of your claim today.

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Every driver in the state of Nevada is required to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance ($15,000 for the injury or death of one person and $30,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more people). Insurance companies are also required to offer policyholders underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage.

Uninsured coverage allows an injured person to recover compensation in situations where an accident was caused by a hit and run driver or by a driver that did not have any insurance. This also means you will have to file a claim with your own insurance company to recover the compensation you need.

Unfortunately, despite paying your premium on time every month, many drivers will have difficulties recovering the full amount they are owed after an accident. However, with the help of an accomplished insurance lawyer on your side, the process can be less stressful so you can focus on your recovery.

With years of experience in the insurance industry before becoming personal injury lawyers, our Las Vegas uninsured motorist lawyers know the techniques insurance companies use to try to downplay your injuries and minimize or deny your claim.

We have a thorough understanding of insurance law as it pertains to Nevada drivers and will review your clam to determine its value before building a strong case against your insurance provider. We have the resource and the skills to successfully fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

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Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In many cases, a motorist will carry the required minimum amount of insurance. However, even if the at-fault driver is fully covered by liability insurance, their coverage may not be enough to cover the full cost of the injuries you sustained in an accident.

Underinsured motorist coverage is meant to cover the difference when your damages exceed the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. Serious injuries, however, may still require additional funds.

In these cases, an experienced Las Vegas uninsured motorist lawyer can help you file a claim against your own insurance company to recover the full amount of compensation required to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

With decades of experience handling insurance claims on behalf of our clients, we will thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding your claim and seek out all possible sources for compensation. We are committed to helping you recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

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Experienced Las Vegas Uninsured Motorist Lawyers

When it comes to fighting for fair compensation from an insurance company, injury victims need an accomplished team of attorneys on their side who have the skills and resources needed to go head to head with these large companies that are solely focused on their bottom line.

Our Las Vegas uninsured motorist lawyers place the best interests of our clients at the forefront in everything we do. Our goal is to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation you are owed so you can put your life back together after an accident.

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