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bad faith insurance policyIf an insurance company refuses to uphold its legal obligations as outlined in your policy by wrongfully denying a legitimate claim or offering inadequate compensation compared to the true value of a claim, it has acted in bad faith.

This unfair treatment of a claimant warrants legal recourse on the behalf of the policyholder. Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyers can help you hold these companies responsible for your mistreatment.

Backed by more than two decades of experience, the attorneys at Henness & Haight have a strong track record of success against large insurance providers. Schedule a free, no obligation of your claim today.

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Types of Insurance Bad Faith

As policyholders, we rely on our insurance companies to come through on their promises when we need them most after an accident or other traumatic event. Unfortunately, all too often they manipulate the confusing terminology in your policy to increase their profits and diminish the value of your claim.

When a provider uses unfair tactics to deny, delay or minimize the value of your claim, they are acting in bad faith. Some common examples of these types of actions include:

  • Denying benefits that are covered under your policy
  • Failing to investigate a claim in a timely and thorough manner
  • Engaging in unfair tactics when writing or selling a policy
  • Delaying payment for an unreasonable amount of time
  • Refusing to settle a claim
  • Offering a lowball value for the loss to the policyholder
  • Termination or not renewing a policy after a claim is filed
  • Paying only partial benefits on a claim

If an insurance company engages in unfair claims practices or breaches its duty to provide compensation, you may be entitled to seek additional compensation through a lawsuit.

Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyers will review your policy during a free consultation to determine if you have grounds to file a claim against the provider. If so, we will work diligently to build a robust case that will help you get the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and losses.

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Fighting for Fair Compensation

Insurance companies have one interest in mind: making profits to improve their bottom line. Often, they will engage in unfair tactics at the detriment of the policyholder in order to do this.

They will attempt to push you into accepting a settlement that does not adequately pay for the cost of your losses, hoping that you will accept a minimal settlement immediately following your claim.

They may also flat out deny your claim without providing any kind of explanation. Knowing that many policyholders are not familiar with the intricate details of their policy, they are hoping that you will drop your claim after a denial.

With an accomplished Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyer on our side, you can trust that we will always have your best interests in mind and will not let you accept a settlement that is not worth the maximum value of your claim.

We know that the money you receive from your claim is vital to your ability to move on from an accident or tragedy in order to put your life back together. That is why we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients in order to push insurance companies into offering a fair settlement amount. We are not afraid to take a case to court if the insurance provider refuses to offer a fair amount.

As personal injury attorneys who previously worked for large insurance companies, we know the tricks and tactics they use to minimize your claim. Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyers are skilled negotiators with the resources necessary to take on large insurance companies.

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Our Las Vegas bad faith insurance lawyers are accomplished litigators willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive payment for the full value of their claim. We will work tirelessly to defend your right to fair compensation against your provider and will not settle until you are satisfied with the outcome of your case.

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