What to Do with Your Car after an Accident

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on May 20, 2015 in Car Accident News

When you have a car accident, your entire world turns upside down. You are frightened, confused, angry and possibly injured or in pain. It can be very difficult to know what to do. Even after the confusion passes, you might wonder what to do with your car. Should you fix it right away? Wait a while? There never seems to be an easy solution. As with any crisis, the key is to keep your wits about you as much as possible. Here are some tips about handling the situation.

At the Scene

First of all, never leave the scene of the car accident before everything is squared away. Immediately set up flares, put on your flashers or take other precautions to avoid the accident getting worse. Exchange information with the other driver, interview witnesses and call 911 even if the accident seems minor. If you have a camera or smartphone, take all the photos you can. You will need this evidence.

After Leaving the Scene

See a doctor as soon as possible. You may be injured and not realize it -- adrenaline can cause you to be nearly immune to pain. Call your insurance company and inform them of what happened. As you discuss the issue with your claims agent, begin a physical file where you keep copies of everything. Consider calling a qualified Las Vegas auto injury attorney to protect your rights moving forward.

Repair Estimates

Discuss repairs to your vehicle with the insurance company. Before you even take the car to a garage, they will want to do an estimate. Usually they will be able to provide an estimator who will come to your vehicle and determine the approximate repair costs. Sometimes, if it is drivable, you will take it to them.

Seeking Repairs

Depending on your coverage, your insurance company may have guidelines for you to follow in seeking repairs. Some insurance companies work with whatever garage you choose. Others have preferred garages or even handle the repairs themselves through a concierge service. If your car is not drivable after the accident, you may want to call the insurance company immediately to make sure that the garage where you are having the vehicle towed is acceptable. Obviously, you are at an advantage if you choose an insurance company that lets you seek repairs at a shop of your choice.

When you are in an accident and need to get your car repaired, do everything you can to be sure that the shop to where you are taking your car is reputable and trustworthy. Having a lawyer by your side can do a lot to protect you. If you need representation after an accident, give us a call at 844.613.6275.

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