In addition to being frustrating, slow drivers in the left lane can also create dangerous situations on the roadways. To fix this problem, Nevada enacted Assembly Bill No. 334 on July 1, which makes it illegal for motorists to travel under the speed limit in the extreme left lane.

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What is Nevada’s New Left-Lane Law?

Nevada is one of the latest states to pass a left-lane law that makes it illegal for a motorist to travel in the extreme left lane if he or she knows or should reasonably know that he or she is driving below the speed limit and is being approached from behind by a faster vehicle.

However, there are several exceptions to this new traffic law:

  • When a motorist is preparing for a left turn at an intersection
  • When a motorist is using the left lane to pass another vehicle traveling in the same direction
  • When a motorist is traveling in a lane designated for the use of a high-occupancy vehicle, such as a carpool lane
  • When a roadway is engaged in construction, maintenance or is being repaired, including the removal of snow from a highway
  • When traffic conditions, dangerous weather, or obstructions or hazards in the roadway make it necessary to drive in the extreme left lane
  • When in compliance with an official traffic control device or the direction of a police officer make it necessary to travel in the extreme left lane

The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle is allowed to use the extreme left lane in the course of his or her duty, and motorists are allowed to drive in the extreme left lane within the geographical limits of a city or