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While dogs have earned a reputation as “man’s best friend”, they have the potential to be extremely dangerous if their owners fail to take proper care. If you or your child was bitten and injured by a dog, you need to know the proper steps to take to protect your health, safety, and rights. Here, our Las Vegas, NV dog bite lawyers offer some important tips for dealing with the aftermath of a serious dog bite.

Four Tips to Deal With a Dog Bite Injury

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Dog bite injuries require medical attention. Certainly, severe injuries may require an immediate trip to the nearest emergency room. Though, even mild or moderate dog bite injuries should still be examined. As explained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dog bites can spread germs that cause infection. In some cases, these infections result in major medical complications. When a dog bite breaks the skin, the wound should be cleaned, disinfected, covered by a bandage. Further, that bandage should be replaced regularly until the wound is fully healed.

Secure/Record Relevant Information

Beyond attending to medical needs, dog bite victims should also try to take proactive steps to record relevant information related to the animal attack. Among other things, you should be sure to secure the following:

  • The name and contact information for the dog owner;
  • The contact information for any eyewitnesses;
  • The specific location that the attack occurred;
  • Pictures of injuries and animal, if possible; and
  • Vaccination records for the animal.

Report the Dog Bite

Dog bite injuries should be reported both to the animal’s owner and public officials. Many local jurisdictions in Nevada have laws requiring people to report dog bites. Under Las Vegas Municipal Code 7.24.020, dog owners and dog bite victims should report the incident to Animal Control. It is crucial that you properly document and report the incident.  And Animal Control has the ability to obtain specific information about the dog and its owner that might otherwise be difficult for you to obtain.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement to any Insurance Company

Finally, you may receive a phone call from a property insurance company or another insurance adjuster shortly after a dog bite incident. Please know that you are not required to give a recorded statement to the insurance company’s representative. In fact, it is not in your personal interest to talk to an opposing insurance company without first consulting with an experienced Nevada dog bite injury lawyer. Remember, the insurance company is trying to build a defense against your claim. It is looking to use your words against you. Always consult with a lawyer before you talk to a defendant’s insurance company.

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