Rosie Garcia is the Operations Manager and Senior Claims Assistant for Henness & Haight. Rosie celebrated her 15th year with the company on April 1st and remains the firm’s longest-tenured employee.

But she did not begin with the firm as a member of the staff but as a client.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Rosie moved to Las Vegas at the age of 18. After the move, Rosie was injured in a car crash. Rosie’s friend, a paralegal working for Henness & Haight at the time, recommended the firm to represent her.

Two years later, Rosie was rear-ended again and, due to her positive experience with the firm before, she hired Henness & Haight a second time. Her friend continued to encourage her to join the firm’s team, and this time, Rosie accepted.

“It was almost meant to be,” she teased.

Rosie began at Henness & Haight as a receptionist and was soon promoted to claims assistant before progressing to her current position. Currently, Rosie’s day-to-day responsibilities include handling claims, supply orders, as well as the firm’s various social media accounts.

“Because she started out as a client, Rosie has a unique perspective on what a client goes through,” founding partner Mark Henness stated. “Through all of her fifteen years of working with us, she’s always known that what’s most important to consider are the feelings of the client.”

Rosie believes that her abilities to multitask and to always maintain a good attitude have been her two most valuable characteristics for her job. Having to cover many bases in her position, it’s clear why these traits have allowed her a successful career with the firm. “I jump from one thing to another constantly,” she noted.

“She’s always had a great attitude,” founding partner Michael Haight remarked. “She’s a consummate team player, and she’s very dependable. The place wouldn’t be the same without her, that’s for sure.”

One of Rosie’s favorite aspects of working for Henness & Haight is the firm’s caring culture. “They’re very family-oriented,” she expressed. “And they’re very understanding.” One of her fondest memories with the firm was when the staff helped to host a baby shower for her. “The whole firm participated, even the lawyers,” she recounted. “That was very special to me.”

Aside from her busy work and family life, in her free time, Rosie enjoys baking for her friends and family. She specializes in making bakery-quality cake pops, complete with detailed decorations. “Everyone says I am the cake pop queen!” she said.

One of the greatest challenges Rosie has faced in her career took place when she filled in as Office Manager alongside her work as Operations Manager and Senior Claims Assistant. She maintained these positions for two months, a lofty task. “But there were a lot of behind-the-scenes things that I got to learn,” she noted. “And I felt very appreciated for filling in the job. I even got a trip to Hawaii. That was the best reward I think they could give somebody.”

Overall, Rosie reflects on her years with the firm and its founders, Mark Henness and Michael Haight, with great fondness.

“Mike and Mark are really fun to work for,” she said. “And I’ll always appreciate the time they took to train me when I was only 20 and just out of school. I know that if I ever needed anything, they’d be there for me.”