Small Businesses and Personal Injury

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Sep 22, 2015 in Personal Injury News

Almost every business is the target of a personal injury claim at some point during its existence. For all too many, such claims are looked at as an unfortunate cost of doing business. This means that they don't take the proper precautions to avoid recurrences of such injuries, instead simply relying on their lawyers to settle claims, often with intimidation tactics.

For those who have been subject to such tactics, it can be a trying time. Here are some things to know about small businesses and personal injury claims so you can be prepared if you are ever hurt on someone else's premises.


Premises liability defines the responsibility of businesses in the case of a client and customer suffering an accident or injury while on private property. In essence, Nevada law states that property owners are held liable for injuries and accidents which occur on their premises due to their negligence. This is even true of small businesses.

This means that if you are injured on the premises of a business, you may be entitled to recover damages. In fact, this liability extends to cases where employees cause harm -- deliberate or accidental.

Defective Products

Even if you are not on the property in question, businesses can be held liable for defective products sold. If you purchase a product or service from a company and are injured by a defect in the product, you may recover monetary damages due to the defect.


Most personal injury cases arise from negligence on one party or another. If you eat at a restaurant and get food poisoning, for example, this is often due to negligence in keeping the food at safe temperatures or cooking it properly. The restaurant can be held liable for this negligence.

Likewise, if you are entering a store in the winter and the icy sidewalks have not been salted and cleared, causing you to slip and fall, the business is liable for your slip fall and injury. Their negligence in clearing the hazard holds them responsible.

Workers' Compensation

The above scenarios talk about customers and clients getting injured. However, employees are covered against workplace hazards as well. Every business is required to have a workers' comp insurance policy to make sure that their staff is covered against workplace injury.

Insurance Intimidation

Insurance companies don't profit from paying out money. They will often go to great lengths including intimidation and bullying tactics to stop from paying what you deserve. In the case of smaller businesses, they may not have enough coverage to handle your claim and will do whatever they can to get out of it.

This is why it is so important to have a qualified Nevada personal injury attorney by your side when pursuing the compensation you deserve while you recover from injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to navigate the waters of injury law and is capable of standing up to the bullying tactics practiced by insurance companies.

If an insurance company acts in bad faith and does not uphold its contractual obligations, a good insurance attorney will not stop fighting until you get the money you need to recover and get back on your feet. If you have suffered this kind of injury, we can help. Take some time to read our firm overview, and contact us for a free consultation today.