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Should I Contact an Attorney About a Motorcycle Road Rash Injury?

Motorcyclists in Las Vegas need to be on alert. Accidents involving injuries to motorcyclists have risen in Las Vegas recently.

Why is this? One reason may be that the traffic laws regarding motorcycles vary from state to state. Every day, tourists from around the nation flood into Las Vegas. Most don’t bother to check how the traffic laws differ from their home states’. The inconsistency of laws creates a dangerous patchwork of unpredictability on Southern Nevada’s roadways. When that unpredictability causes a crash, the motorcyclists bear most of the risk for injury.

That’s because motorcycles provide far less protection for the operator in the event of a crash. Often the rider is thrown from the bike or drug along with it. In either case, the motorcycle provides almost no protection at all. In a motorcycle crash, often the only thing between the motorcyclist and the pavement is the clothes on their back.

Limited protection combined with an increase in motorcycle crashes, many at high speeds, lead to more instances of and more severe road rash.

What is Road Rash?

“Road rash” is a slang term used to describe the skinning and abrasions that happen when skin rubs across the pavement at high speed or with a lot of force.

Motorcycle crashes often involve the rider sliding atop the asphalt or concrete after losing control of the bike. That skidding leads to significant road rash for bikers who crash.

When is Road Rash Likely to Occur?

The circumstances of a crash will affect a motorcyclist’s chances for road rash.

First, consider the conditions that contribute to any accident. Those factors include intoxicated or distracted drivers, excess speed, and poor visibility or road conditions.

What makes road rash more likely for motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists face more potential for road rash than other motorists because their vehicles travel at high speeds but offer virtually no protection in the case of a fall or crash.

Bikers also often present unique challenges for other drivers, especially those with less experience. Drivers may struggle to see motorcycles in traffic because they show such a small profile compared to the cars and trucks on the roadway.

When you ride, wear protective clothing, like thick leather, to help prevent road rash or at least reduce the severity of the road rash you may get if you crash.

What makes road rash more likely in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, especially the tourist-heavy areas of the city, poses an elevated risk for road rash incidents. The city attracts drivers and bikers from various backgrounds and experience levels. Those variations make their interactions unpredictable. Throw in the distraction of the bright lights and an increased risk of intoxication, and you’ve got a road rash recipe for disaster.

Pay extra attention to other drivers in Las Vegas, especially near the airport, The Strip, downtown, and other tourist-laden areas.

If you get into a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, get help from a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney right away.

How to Determine the Severity of Your Road Rash

The more force or speed involved in the fall, crash, or skid that initiates the road rash, the more severe the injury will likely be.

How deep the injury is will dictate the symptoms you experience. Even mild road rash or abrasion — those only affecting the top layer of skin — bring on moderate pain and bleeding. That’s because abrasions that affect a large surface area of skin affect many nerve endings and can be uniquely painful.

Deeper abrasions, those that reach into the deepest layers of skin or through to the muscle or bone, can bring on symptoms such as:

  • Bruising
  • Permanent damage to skin, blood vessels, etc.
  • Traumatic tattoos, a permanent discoloration of the skin that happens when foreign objects are embedded in the skin from an abrasion

To learn more about road rash and the symptoms that should alert you to see a doctor right away, visit this Medical News Today article.

How to Handle Road Rash When it Happens

You should get examined by a medical professional following any motor vehicle accident. Injuries often are worse than they seem on the scene immediately following the incident.

Seeking immediate medical attention could also affect the outcome of your personal injury claim. If you don’t seek medical attention right away, the lawyers for the other party’s insurance company could argue that your injuries weren’t as severe as you now claim them to be.

If you suffer a road rash injury from a motor vehicle accident, see a doctor. Also, contact a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney for help taking all the proper steps to protect your claim.

Some insurance companies charge higher premiums for motorcycles because they claim they present a higher risk of injury to the rider. But, motorcyclists are still entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. In legal terms, that compensation is called damages.

Damages In Claims Involving A Road Rash Injury

The damages you can claim in a motorcycle accident are the same as any other motor vehicle case. They can include medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering.

You may be entitled to more compensation than you think. Most reputable personal injury attorneys will evaluate your case for free. Often you won’t even have to pay unless they win your case or reach a settlement.

Contact the Top Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When somewhen else’s negligence injures you, you deserve the best representation possible to maximize your settlement. You should also work with accident lawyers who understand the local area. They know how to navigate all local statutes and know whom to talk to and how to keep your case moving forward. In Las Vegas, that means hiring Henness & Haight.

If you’re a motorcyclist who suffered a road rash injury in an accident caused by a negligent driver, you’re entitled to the same compensation as any other motorist on the road. Contact Henness & Haight for a free case evaluation, and remember to wear your leather.

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