Nevada Workers' Comp FAQ

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Jun 04, 2015 in Workers' Compensation News

When you are injured at the workplace, you are protected by an insurance policy your employer maintains. This policy is known as workers' compensation, and it is designed to provide specific protections and help you recoup from your injuries so that you can get back to work once again. Here are some frequently asked questions about how workers' comp functions in Nevada.

What Do I Do When Injured?

Any time you are injured at work or experience illness due to work conditions, you should immediately notify your employer and be seen by a doctor. If the injury is serious, go to the emergency room. If it is not immediately threatening, fill out a C-1 form, which is a Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease Incident Report. Fill out the form completely and then sign and date.

I Had to Go to The E.R. How Long Do I Have to Complete the C-1 Form?

The C-1 form must be completed as soon as possible within or at most seven days from the date of the incident.

How Do I File a Workers' Comp Claim?

To file a claim, complete C-4 form, the "Employee Claim for Compensation and Report of Initial Treatment." Your medical provider and or emergency room physician will supply you with this form upon completion of your first treatment.

How Do I Complete C-4 Form?

Complete the top portion of C-4 form in its entirety including your employer's exact and correct name, address and phone number. Fill in your date of injury and your contact information, then sign and date the form. Remember that failure to complete it accurately may delay your claim. Your medical provider will complete the bottom portion and will also sign and date. Within three days of your initial treatment, they will then forward the C-4 to the insurer and to your employer.

What Is the Timetable for Filing a Claim?

A claim for workers' compensation must be filed within 90 days of the injury or onset of disease.

Can I Choose My Medical Provider?

Your insurer will have a list of approved medical providers who are members of the Panel of Treating Physicians and Chiropractors. Only practitioners who are on this panel are approved for workers' comp treatments. For more information, review the D-1 form, Brief Description of Your Rights and Benefits poster, which should be in a common area of your workplace.

When Do I Know if My Claim Is Accepted?

You will be informed within 30 days whether your claim has been accepted.

Can I Appeal a Claim?

Yes, there are channels through which a denied claim can be appealed. If you wish to appeal a claim, you should contact an experienced Nevada workers' comp attorney. If you need representation in a workers' comp case, visit our workers' compensation page and contact us today for a free consultation.