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There were 327 traffic fatalities in Nevada during 2016, just one more than the 326 deaths recorded in 2015, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).

NDOT revealed that the majority of fatal traffic accidents were reported to have occurred throughout Clark County, including Las Vegas.

NDOT statistics showed that the number of accidents in the area including Las Vegas increased by three percent in 2016, while the number of traffic fatalities was reported at 216, compared to the 210 recorded in 2015.

Traffic-related fatalities on Nevada roads also increased by 30 accidents in 2016, according to NDOT’s annual report. However, NDOT will release a more accurate representation of 2016’s traffic fatalities once ongoing investigations have concluded.

Nevada traffic safety officials are attributing the rise in traffic deaths to the increasing number of residents and visitors to the state and Las Vegas area, as well poor driving behaviors displayed by motorists throughout 2016.

The nation as a whole experienced a rise in traffic fatalities in 2016, according to a preliminary report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

For the first nine months of 2016, there were approximately 27,875 traffic-related fatalities. NHTSA officials currently do not have a reason as to why traffic fatalities are increasing throughout the nation, but believe that a combination of more drivers on the road, increasing vehicle miles traveled and poor driving behaviors each contribute a share.

Reports of distracted driving, which includes engaging in activities like using a cellphone while driving, increased during 2016, causing several fatal accidents.

Safety officials were also concerned with the number of sleep deprived drivers who did not meet the recommended amount of sleep per night, which results in driving patterns and accident risk similar to drunk driving.

A national survey released in 2016 revealed that Nevada drives ranked as the seventh-worst drivers in the country, due to high reports of careless driving and fatalities caused by drunk driving.

While the goal of NDOT is to have zero fatalities on Nevada roads, it is up to the state’s drivers to ensure roadway safety for all motorists and pedestrians.

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