Motorcycle Safety

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Two-wheeled vehicles share a great deal of risk on the road. In a car, if you are in a motor vehicle accident, you have four walls and a roof to provide some protection. In a motorcycle you have just the open air. In addition, many motorists have an irrational dislike for bikers, which puts motorcyclists at a higher degree of risk for accidents and injury. This is why it is so important for motorbike riders to exercise extra safety on the road.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Statistically, motorcycles are a dangerous mode of transportation. This is because of both auto drivers and bikers not paying close enough attention. In 2012, motorcycle-related deaths were up seven percent from the prior year, totaling almost 5,000 fatalities. And yet, the use of helmets amongst motorcyclists remained steady. In 2008 alone, 35 percent of all motorcycle-related fatalities involved speeding. This is 12 percent higher than incidents for auto drivers. In 30 percent of all fatal motorbike crashes involving another vehicle, the operators were found to be intoxicated, and 43 percent of single-vehicle motorcycle fatalities involved DUI.

Importance of Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing a helmet is not something you do just because the law says you should or to serve a necessary evil. Helmets save lives. Despite popular urban myth, well-constructed helmets do not interfere with the hearing or vision of a rider. When choosing a helmet, look for one that has a thick inner liner, sturdy rivets and chin straps, a full faceplate and one with a proper design that does not involve protrusions such as spikes or large rivets. Helmets that meet federal safety standards will have a "DOT" label on them, and will clarify this in the manufacturer's label.

Ride Sober, Ride Safe

It should go without saying, but avoid drunk riding. Current statistics demonstrate that the rate of fatal DUI crashes among cyclists is far greater than that of intoxicated auto drivers. Considering the number of cars vs. the number of motorcycles on the road, this is a scary thought. Always remember, if there is any doubt whatsoever that you are sober enough to drive, find another way home. Your life is not worth the risk. Even if you do manage to avoid accidents, you could be pulled over and suffer major fines, loss of your driver's license and even jail time. Driving under the influence is not only dangerous and deadly, it's against the law.

Share the Road

One of the most common causes of accidents today is aggressive driving. Be extra careful and make sure you obey all traffic laws and speed limit postings. Respect all other drivers and share the road. When passing another motorist, be careful to obey the law and give plenty of room. Be certain that your bike is clearly visible to other drivers. Make sure that your lights are in good working order and do not ride in other drivers' blind spots. If you have been involved in a motorcycle-related accident, contact us to get in touch with one of our mortorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas. We can fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today!

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