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Henness & Haight – Is Your Personal Injury Attorney No Win, No Fee? Here’s Why It’s Important

If you’ve suffered an injury and believe you have a case, you’ll want to speak to a Las Vegas personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Finding the right attorney is critical, but can seem overwhelming — especially when you’re also focusing on finding the right medical care for your injuries. To simplify your search, pay attention to how the law firm structures its attorney’s fees. How will the attorney charge you for their services, and how and when will you pay them? Consider hiring an attorney who provides a “no win, no fee” pay structure to avoid hefty legal fees out-of-pocket or avoid taking out loans. Let’s talk about what a Las Vegas “no win, no fee” injury attorney is and how they can help you.

What is “no win, no fee”?

The term “no win, no fee” is a payment agreement between you and your attorney. This is also known as a contingency fee and is common practice among some personal injury attorneys. Working on a contingency basis means that your attorney does not get paid unless they secure a settlement or win a verdict. This is where the term “no win, no fee” originates.

Henness & Haight are the leading “no win, no fee” jury attorneys in Las Vegas. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us anything. If we secure a settlement for you, we use a percentage of the total settlement to cover our legal fees. It’s as simple as that. This means working with us presents zero risk to you and your family.

Why do Las Vegas personal injury attorneys work on a “no win, no fee” contingency?

Many Las Vegas personal injury attorneys work on a “no win, no fee” contingency, also known as a conditional fee arrangement, because it benefits both the victim and the attorney. For this type of payment arrangement, the legal firm takes out an insurance policy on behalf of the victim to begin working on the case. The insurance policy covers costs incurred during the course of working on the case, which can include medical reports, court fees, expert testimonies, and other related expenses.

Not all Las Vegas personal injury attorneys offer this type of payment structure, and the policies may vary between firms. When the attorney reviews your case, he’ll advise you to open a personal injury claim only if he believes that there is a high possibility to secure compensation for the damages and injuries. If the case is successful, all legal costs will be recouped from the person responsible for the injury.

How can a “no win, no fee” payment structure benefit me? Are there financial risks?

The top two benefits of a “no win no fee” payment structure are:

  • It costs you nothing upfront.

    Hiring a Las Vegas “no win, no fee” injury attorney has many benefits. One of the first benefits for victims is that the payment structure requires no money upfront to file a claim. A “no win no fee” attorney will cover the costs of everything related to your case, until a settlement is reached. If your injury has interfered with your ability to work, or has caused piles of medical bills that have maxed out your credit cards, the “no win, no fee” structure allows you to forget the stress of payment to focus exclusively on winning your case. Hiring a team of attorneys is an expense that many people can’t afford on their own; however the inability to pay should never impact your right to justice. By offering a contingent fee agreement, personal injury attorneys help victims of all levels of financial ability retain capable, experienced lawyers. Should they lose the case, you don’t lose any money.

  • There are no financial risks.

    Generally speaking, there are no financial risks involved in filing a claim with most personal injury firms that offer “no win, no fee” payment structures. However, it’s worth noting that each Las Vegas “no win, no fee” injury attorney may have different payment structures and will require varying percentages of your settlement to cover their fees. Be sure to read the fine print and clarify your agreement before filing a case.

How do I know if a lawyer offers “no win, no fee” payment?

While many personal injury attorneys offer a conditional fee agreement, some may not. Start by reviewing their website for “no win no fee” statements. Then, meet with them for a free consultation; it’s one of the best ways to find out if they provide this type of payment structure. During the consultation, they will review your case, determine if your case has a chance for success, and go over their payment structure.

Never Pay Out of Pocket with Henness & Haight

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