If I Make a Personal Injury Claim, Will I Go to Court?

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on May 19, 2011 in Insurance News

I'm often asked, "If I make a claim with the insurance company, or if I hire an attorney to do so, does that mean, automatically, that I'm going to have to go to court?". The short answer to that question is "no". Much of what we do as Las Vegas personal injury attorneys is help those injured as a result of someone else's fault, deal with the insurance company for the at-fault party. Insurance companies are billion-dollar companies that have many people that work for them whose sole job is either to deny claims or pay less that someone's entitled to as a result of being injured by the insured.

Part of what we do is help the insurance company to appreciate the gravity of our client's injuries, appreciate the impact those injuries have had on our client's life, and convince the insurance company that it's actually in their best interest as a business to be fair now, as opposed to incurring court costs and being forced to be fair by a judge or a jury down the road. In a typical Las Vegas personal injury practice, probably less that 2 in 10 cases that start out as claims actually end up in the litigation room or the court process.

Just because you hire a lawyer, and just because you make a claim against an insurance company for injuries or other damages you've incurred, certainly does not mean that you'll end up in the court system. It can't be guaranteed that you won't, but most of the time cases as successfully resolved without the need for litigation.