While any traffic accident can be devastating, truck accidents have the potential to cause a greater amount of destruction that poses a high risk for injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a large truck, it is important to hire an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of commercial vehicle laws and experience representing victims of similar accidents.

A dedicated attorney will work diligently for you to build your case and help you recover compensation by:

  • Determining the liable party: Identifying the liable party in a commercial truck accident can be complex. There may be multiple parties involved in the accident, such as the driver, the company that owns the truck, or even the truck manufacturer.
  • Determining the best strategy: An experienced attorney will know the best legal platform to handle your case. Your case may be better suited for mediation or arbitration where a quick settlement can be reached. Settling outside of a courtroom can be beneficial, and an attorney will be able to handle the complexities of a private negotiation.
  • Investigating the accident: An attorney will conduct an in-depth investigation into the accident and review all aspects of your claim to provide a solid argument for your case. An experienced attorney will also acquire any important documentation and accident reports that can benefit your case.
  • Negotiating: Reaching a settlement with a trucking company or insurance provider can be complex due to the number of parties involved. By hiring an attorney experienced in commercial vehicle