Finding the Right Injury Attorney

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Jun 09, 2011 in Personal Injury News

One of the biggest decisions people make in making a personal injury claim is what attorney to hire to help them through the process. Advice I give people who are looking for a reputable personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is, first and foremost, if you go to meet with an attorney regarding a personal injury claim, and during that initial meeting you never speak to an attorney, but rather an assistant or a paralegal, that's probably a very good indication that you're not in the right place. An attorney handling personal injury cases should always meet with their client.

This is for several reasons: 1. The client and the attorney need to build a report from the beginning. Also, for an attorney to be able to properly represent a client, he needs to know that client, know what that client is going through, how their injuries have impacted their life, and in order to help them he needs that information. Also, a client needs to know that an attorney is invested in handling the claim themselves.

If an attorney's not at that initial meeting, there's a good chance that an attorney may never look at that file, or very seldom look at that file. Beyond that, it's very important that an attorney focuses their practice in handling personal injury cases. There was a time, long ago, where most attorneys were general practitioners, and handled all types of claims. Since that time the law has become very complicated, and that is inclusive of personal injury work. Make sure you meet with an attorney when you first show up at your appointment, and also, that you are meeting with somebody that specializes in handling personal injury cases so that you're assured the opportunity for the best representation.