Every second of every day, an elderly adult over the age of 65 falls. The issue has become so common that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that falls are now the leading cause of injuries and death among elderly Americans.

In 2014 alone, older Americans fell 29 million times, which led to seven million injuries and an estimated cost of $13 billion. Each year falls lead to more than 27,000 deaths among elderly Americans.

With 10,000 adults turning 65 each day, those numbers are expected to surge unless preventative measures are taken. If an elderly loved one slipped and fell in a public place contact the Las Vegas personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

With the recent release of these numbers, the CDC is recommending that fall prevention become a part of seniors’ care routines. Officials are urging healthcare providers to take an active role in identifying individuals who are at a greater risk for falls.

In order to do this, the CDC recommends that healthcare providers:

  • Ask if a patient has recently fallen, feels unsteady or is worried about falling
  • Review patients’ medical