Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Aug 25, 2015 in Personal Injury News

When you are in an accident that results in injury, especially through the fault of another, you should always consult a personal injury attorney. As you recover you will be bombarded with pressure to sign papers you don't understand and accept any low-ball settlement that comes your way. Only a skilled personal injury attorney can help you parse what's going on, and only an experienced attorney can get you the settlement you deserve.

Any Attorney vs. an Experienced Attorney

Under Nevada law, anyone licensed to practice law can accept an injury case. This means you could, legally, simply choose an attorney from the phone book and go. This almost never results in a good outcome for you. All lawyers are not equal. Each attorney has an area of specialty, and there will be widely varying degrees of expertise within these specialized areas. The longer an attorney has been in practice, and the more cases they have successfully resolved, the better able they will be to represent your interests.

Skills and Expertise

Resolving a personal injury case takes specific skills and experience. Qualified attorneys in this area of law conduct years of hard work, training and research. These lawyers will have contacts, teams of expert researchers and a solid knowledge of injury case law. Only someone with this sort of experience can see your case through to a fair resolution. An inexperienced attorney might be able to get the insurance company to offer a bit more than their original low-ball offer, but you can be sure that the companies have their own teams of very experienced attorneys. They will spot an inexperienced or non-expert lawyer immediately and will be able to take advantage of that inexperience.

Patience and Time

If an attorney offers you a fast settlement of your case, he or she may not be experienced and certainly is not the right attorney for you. An experienced attorney knows that it takes time and effort to ascertain how serious your injury is and how long it will take you to recover. Only then can negotiations proceed toward achieving the best settlement. There are many stages to negotiation and the insurance companies will, of course, fight to settle for the lowest amount possible. Your experienced attorney knows how to get you what you deserve so that you can recover from your injuries in as comfortable a manner as possible until you get your life back on track. Anyone can settle a case for a fraction of its worth. Skill and experience is what gets the results you actually deserve.


If you are injured and someone else is at fault, don't settle for the first offer that comes along. If an attorney advises you to do so, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Do your homework; look for attorneys who have been in practice for a long time and who have a list of positive reviews. If you have been injured and need representation, choose an ethical attorney who will act with integrity every step of the way. Take a look over our firm's website, and contact us for a free consultation today.