Working in a hazardous workplace can be extremely dangerous. If you were working and experienced a major injury at your job site, the outcome could affect your well-being, your finances and your family.

Workers’ compensation cases can be complex and difficult. Your employer may not cooperate with your needs, including the payment of medical bills. If this is the case, the Las Vegas workers’ compensation lawyers at Henness and Haight are here to help.

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There are certain times you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer, including any of the following scenarios:

  • If your employer fires you, demotes you, cuts your hours or discriminates against you after you file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • If your claim is refused because your employer believes you will not appeal.
  • The settlement you received does not fully cover your lost income or medical bills.
  • If you are suffering a partial or permanent disability while working on a construction site or in other dangerous areas of work.
  • If you are already receiving Social Security Disability benefits, a workers’ compensation lawyer can structure your settlement payments so that Social Security does not receive the majority of your settlement.
  • The mishandling or inadequate quality of a product from a third party is partially responsible for your injuries.

The Attorneys at Henness and Haight are Here for You

Even though you may have been a loyal employee, your employer may not fully compensate the expenses for the injuries you received while under their watch. If you have any questions, contact one of our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas to discuss the incident. The consultation is free and you can receive valuable advice regarding your case.