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Injuries in the workplace can be costly not only to your health but also to your bank account. That is why workers’ compensation was created: to offset the cost of rehabilitation, medical care and disability coverage after being injured at work.

If you were injured at your workplace, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Dependent family members may also be entitled to benefits if you lost a loved one in a workplace accident. If you’re looking for a reputable Las Vegas personal injury lawyer contact Henness & Haight today to find out your legal options.

Because each state has its own regulations regarding workers’ compensation benefits, the rules can be complex. Here are various forms of workers’ compensation that may exist in your state to provide you with aid after an injury:

  • Rehabilitation: Services like physical therapy, therapeutic care and medical care to assist you in recovering from illness or injury. Physical training is also covered so you can regain your ability to efficiently return work.
  • Medical Care: Compensation is provided through medical benefits that include hospital expenses to treat your injury.
  • Death: Many programs give death benefits to family members of deceased employees, including spouses, children, parents or siblings.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits were created to provide assistance if you cannot work due to a disabling injury. There are four categories of disabilities covered by workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Temporary partial disability: An injury that prevents you from doing some of the duties of your job now, but you may be able to function normally again in the future.
  • Temporary total disability: An injury that prevents you from working at all for a limited amount of time.
  • Permanent total disability: An injury that prevents you from ever returning to work.
  • Permanent partial disability: An injury that causes permanent damage, but you are only partially impaired in your abilities to perform at work.

To be eligible to receive these benefits, there is a required waitin
g period that typically lasts one week. The application process can be complicated so it is wise to speak with an attorney if you are considering filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact our Las Vegas workers compensation attorneys at Henness & Haight for a free review of your claim to find out if you are entitled to compensation.