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A FOX5 investigation discovered that a local construction company, Performance Builders, had been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) several times for “serious violations” prior to the recent death of one of its workers.

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On Aug. 22, a 30-year-old worker died after the scaffolding he was working on collapsed on the company’s Tivoli Village construction site, located at 302 S. Ramport Boulevard. Two other workers were also working on the scaffolding at the time but were able to jump to safety.

The worker’s brother-in-law, who has worked on the Tivoli Village site, stated that the scaffolding has been a known problem on the site. Frank Hawk from the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters has confirmed receiving several calls from workers about the unsafe scaffolding.

Hawk describes the company as “shady,” and has stated that it has been on the council’s radar for some time. He now wishes they had done more to shut the site down before this tragic accident.

According to OSHA records, Performance Builders has been under investigation nine times. Three of those investigations revealed serious violations, which include situations that an employer knows could lead to serious injury or death, but does nothing to remedy the problem.

Most recently OSHA investigated the company in May when it found the company responsible for three serious violations. OSHA, however, was not able to provide details on any of its investigations. If you have been injured while working at a construction site contact one of our experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.

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Construction sites can be hazardous work environments that require a staunch focus on safety from all parties involved. When one party fails in its obligation to provide a safe working environment, it can be held accountable for the resulting damages.