Car accidents often occur suddenly and with little warning. The extreme force behind an auto collision can result in a victim suffering from a variety of injuries that range in severity.

At Henness & Haight, our committed Las Vegas car accident attorneys have helped numerous victims who were injured in collisions caused by negligent drivers. Throughout our experience, we have witnessed firsthand the injuries that are commonly suffered by car accident victims.

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A whiplash injury is a neck strain that occurs when your head is suddenly jerked backward and then thrust forwards, or from side to side. During a car accident, there is often a great amount of pressure placed on the neck that stretches and tears the muscles and tendons in your neck.

Car accident victims who experience whiplash often report symptoms such as:

  • Decreased range of neck motion
  • Tightness or stiffening of the neck
  • Difficulty moving the head
  • Tenderness in the affected area
  • Headaches at the base of the skull

The signs and symptoms of whiplash are not always immediately apparent and may be delayed for several hours or days.

During this time, the whiplash will worsen and may intensify the symptoms or may take longer to heal. For this reason, you should always seek immediate medical attention after an auto accident. Our attorneys have helped many whiplash victims and may be able to maximize your damages in a whiplash claim.

Spinal Cord Injury

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