On Monday, Sept. 18, Henness & Haight attorney Andrew Barton presented as a guest speaker to high school juniors at Advanced Technologies Academy, a high school here in Las Vegas. “A-Tech,” as the school is more commonly known, is a pubic magnet school offering students a variety of specialized programs, including legal studies.

As a guest speaker for a Trial Advocacy class, Andrew spoke to A-Tech students about his experience in the legal field, giving them an inside perspective on legal proceedings, the trial process, and the path to becoming a lawyer.

“I think that it was really worthwhile to help out those students,” Andrew said. “I enjoyed it, and I know they did too. I told them about what my career as a personal injury attorney consists of. I explained to them what I learned in trial when I first started as an attorney and how it’s different from what you see on TV.”

David Eason, the class’s instructor, was a practicing lawyer for about 30 years in Michigan before coming to Las Vegas to teach high school students at A-Tech. Mr. Eason commented on Andrew’s time with his class.

“He was a terrific speaker, he really kept the talk interesting,” Eason stated. “He shared a lot of his own personal experience with the class, about both his time in court as well as his daily responsibilities as a plaintiff attorney. He was vibrant and enthusiastic, and very responsive to the students; he answered all of their questions, and they had a lot. The students were all very engaged, and there were a lot of smiles and even laughter in the room, which was great to see.”

A-Tech’s legal studies program exposes students to the many different facets and specializations within the field of law. Over the course of