Aggressive Driving Leads to Fatal Car Accidents

Posted on behalf of Henness & Haight on Dec 22, 2014 in Car Accident News

Between people texting on cell phones, those who engage in DUI, and drivers who do not take adverse weather into account, the road is a very dangerous place. Many people get so frustrated with others on the road that they fall prone to road rage or aggressive driving. This sort of frustrated, angry action makes those who are otherwise good drivers a danger to everyone on the road. Aggressive driving is a serious danger which can lead to fatal car accidents. Fatalities Down, Accidents Up Over the past several years, fatalities from car accidents have been down. Unfortunately, this is not because people are paying more attention to the road and their driving.

Cars are being built with more safety features than ever. These safety features are saving lives. Unfortunately, there are far too many accidents going on, and aggressive driving is responsible for many of them and the injuries they cause. Staggering Statistics Aggressive drivers are estimated to cause over 33% of fatal accidents. That is a staggering number when one considers the sheer amount of factors out there including weather, intoxication and distracted drivers. These figures are unacceptable.

A Problem of Awareness

Recent studies indicate that there is a broad epidemic of public indifference regarding speeding and aggressive driving. Aggressive driving laws are among the most widely ignored laws out there. Very few states have raised fines for speeding and reckless driving. Many states are actually raising speed limits. This only serves to hide the underlying problem, not to correct it.

Enforcement Issues

Some states are making an effort to better enforce existing aggressive driving laws. With many areas cutting budgets for public services, police do not always have the manpower to fully target problems with aggressive drivers. The installation of speed cameras in many states has done little to address the issue.

Curbing the Problem

There are many things drivers can do to curtail these issues. It is paramount to keep your emotions in check, above and beyond all other concerns. Keep these factors in mind. · Even if you are late to an important meeting, it is better to get there late than to not get there at all. There is more traffic on the roads than ever. Give yourself extra time. Be cautious and considerate of other drivers on the road. · Never tailgate or flash your lights. Your horn is used to warn other drivers and pedestrians of danger, not to express your frustration. If someone is tailgating you in the left lane, move to the right so they can pass. Giving other aggressive drivers plenty of room helps avoid danger. Whenever you begin to get frustrated, take a breath and ask yourself if you are contributing to the problem. The best offense is a good defense, and this carries over to your driving strategy. Aggressive driving is a dangerous and all-too-common factor on the roads today. Keeping your emotions in check is vital to keeping the roads safe. If you have been in an accident as a result of aggressive driving and need representation, we are here to help. Give one of our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys a call today.