An 18-wheeler car accident isn’t your standard motor vehicle crash; instead, it’s a crash that involves a behemoth of a vehicle, and which is much more likely to result in serious injuries and damages to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. If you have been in an 18-wheeler accident or a car accident, you need a lawyer.

Here’s an overview of some of the key differences of these two accident types, which should provide insight as to why working with the proper attorney based on the type of accident in which you’ve been involved is key–

Damages May Be More Severe in 18-Wheeler Car Accidents 

While this isn’t always the case–indeed, there are some passenger vehicle-only car accidents that are fatal or very tragic–18-wheeler car accidents are more likely to result in serious injuries than are accidents involving smaller vehicles only. This is because 18-wheelers are so much larger than are smaller cars – up to 20 times larger, actually.

This means that when a collision happens, there is much more force involved. More force means more damages, which is why you often see passenger cars that are completely crushed as a result of a collision with a semi-truck.

Common injuries that may result from an 18-wheeler accident include head, neck, and back injuries; traumatic brain injuries; spinal cord injuries; loss of limb or loss of use of limb injuries; and internal injuries. These injuries may be permanent.

There May Be More Insurance Coverage Available

While injuries may be more severe in an 18-wheeler crash, the good news for those who have been involved in this type of accident and who have been severely harmed is that there is typically