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Drunk driver kills California Highway Patrol officer

Drunk driving is the most preventable form of negligent driving. Those who engage in this atrocious activity run the risk of causing severe car accidents that can result in injuries and death. Las Vegas drunk driving accidents injure and kill too many people each year and those who cause these accidents should be held accountable.

An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer celebrating his upcoming marriage was killed recently by drunk driver in Las Vegas. The CHP officer and his friend were in Las Vegas for the officer's bachelor party. They were loading luggage into the victim's pickup when a man got into the driver's seat and drove away from the valet area at the Flamingo hotel. The victim ran after the pickup and jumped into the cargo bed with his friend. The pickup sped away from the Strip, sped through several red lights, collided into an SUV and smashed into a traffic signal pole in front of the Rio Hotel & Casino. The impact of that crash killed the officer and his friend when they were thrown from the pickup bed. Two children that were in the SUV that was hit by the pickup were treated for injuries. The suspect was charged with DUI, kidnapping, murder, robbery, burglary and auto theft.

When a family member is injured or killed by a drunk driver there are questions that need to be answered. Drunk driving is not tolerated and the maximum penalty should be imposed on those who cause injury to others by their negligent driving. Families and victims affected by drunk drivers are also entitled to compensation for their injuries and damage to property. A personal injury lawsuit could help victims recover compensation for their losses and to hold the accused accountable.

Source: mynews3.com, "DUI alleged in deadly Vegas CHP officer crash," Aug. 29, 2013

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