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Nevadans may be affected by mass Jeep recall

When a car accident occurs it is often a legal priority to determine which driver, if any, was primarily responsible for the accident. If a single responsible party can be identified, this individual may be held liable for any personal injury or wrongful death claims that resulted from the accident. When an accident was caused by or involves faulty or dysfunctional products, another priority arises: determining whether the products manufacturers share legal liability as well.

Motor vehicle safety may be on the minds of many Nevadans after automobile manufacturer Chrysler recently announced the recall of 282,000 minivans. The 2013 model minivans are being recalled amid safety concerns that the air-bags to not properly deploy during accidents. According to reports, the airbags may deploy on the incorrect side of the vehicle during an accident, resulting in significantly reduced protection. Chrysler has attributed the error to a flaw in the vehicles software.

The defect was discovered after a customer complaint lead to an investigation by Chrysler. Now that the error has been discovered, Chrysler will begin the process of notifying all owners with vehicles affected by the error. Owners will be able to bring their vehicles to dealers, who should reprogram the faulty software free of charge.

Thankfully, Chrysler believes that only one individual has been hurt as a result of this specific defect

If, during an accident, a legally mandated safety feature fails to work because of a manufacturing error, the manufacturer may be held responsible. In most accidents, only the victims of another drivers negligence are typically able to find financial compensation with legal action. However, in cases involving faulty products resulting in personal injury, even those found to be responsible for an accident could bring suit against the manufacturer.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, "Chrysler recalling minivans for air bag defect," July 4, 2013

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