Las Vegas Taxi And Limo Accidents

After an accident with a limousine or taxi cab, you can be sure that a taxi or limo company is prepared to fight a personal injury claim. It is critical to work with an experienced team of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who can help you obtain the financial compensation you need.

Since 1995, the personal injury lawyers of Henness & Haight have been taking on major insurance companies to protect our clients’ right to full compensation in taxi and limo accident cases. Do not accept the insurance adjuster’s offer. Call us first. 702-862-8200 (or 866-412-6912 toll free).

Establishing Liability ∙ Building Your Case

Our attorneys will explore every avenue for building your case, including:

  • Hiring policies: When a limo or taxi service does a poor job screening the drivers it hires, it is often the passengers who end up paying the price. Many taxi and limo accidents that result in serious injuries are caused by aggressive drivers who should not have been hired in the first place.
  • Distracted driving: When limousine drivers or other drivers are texting, using cellphones or other mobile devices, catastrophic accidents commonly result.
  • Tired drivers: Many taxi or limo companies push their drivers to the limits. That results in professional drivers on our roads that are drowsy and fatigued. Studies show that approximately 20 percent of serious collisions involve driver fatigue.
  • Drunk driving: It is common knowledge that drugs or alcohol will slow a driver’s reaction time and reduce the ability to make smart decisions on the road. If a limo driver or other driver has been drinking, it is increasing the likelihood of a serious accident.
  • Video evidence: Limo and taxi companies are required to have cameras recording the drivers and passengers in their vehicles, which provide valuable evidence.

Whether the limo driver or other driver was responsible for the accident, we will find the liable party. We will pursue a claim against the limo driver, any other drivers involved, the limousine company or the insurance company to make sure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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