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When a limo or taxi service does a poor job screening the drivers it hires, it is often the passengers who end up paying the price. Many taxi and limo accidents that result in serious injuries are caused by aggressive drivers who should not have been hired in the first place.

Since 1995, the personal injury lawyers of Henness & Haight have helped Las Vegas taxi and limo accident victims get the help they needed and the money they deserved. The majority of our cases come to us by word of mouth from past clients and adversaries. Our goal is that by the end of your case, you will have 100 percent confidence in recommending us to someone you know. Your first consultation is always free.

Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims

The moment you are injured in an accident, you are thrust into an adversarial process against the insurance company that covers the limo or taxi service. Shortly after the accident, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster. You should not say anything or sign anything before you talk to an attorney.

The insurance adjuster's goal is to minimize your injuries or blame them on something other than the accident. If you sign a medical records release form, the insurance company will go on a fishing trip through your medical files in an attempt to show that your injury was a pre-existing condition. Anything you say in a recorded statement can be twisted around to say something you never intended. For example, if you say you are feeling "better," the insurance company can use that statement to show that you are "no longer injured." These are very different things.

Collecting and preserving evidence: In Las Vegas, taxis and limos are required to have two video cameras, one focusing on the driver and the other on the passengers. Tapes on those cameras may be important evidence in your case. Our lawyers will secure this crucial evidence. We will also investigate drivers for past accidents and violations.

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